Exploring Cupping Therapy

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Have you heard about the latest popular therapy called “cupping?” This is a form of alternative medicine that involves placing cups on the skin and it is relatively unknown to a huge number of individuals living in the West.


However, it has been pretty popular in China since 1000 B.C. Some records have indicated that cupping could be much older, with possibilities of it dating all the way back to 3000 B.C. One of the biggest reasons people turn to this form of therapy, besides the many benefits it has, is because there aren’t a whole lot of side effects, unlike surgery and pharmacological drugs.


Many people are going to clinics in order to take advantage of this alternative therapy, but there are also kits currently on the market you can buy that will allow you to do it yourself.


So, if you are the type that tries to avoid clinics and you prefer having this type of thing done at home, then you are in luck. After a large amount of research, we came across the Hansol Professional Cupping Therapy Equipment Set, which includes the pumping handle and 17 cups. Here’s what we discovered…

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Exploring Cupping Therapy

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