Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing Guide

About This Course

When Facebook opened its Facebook Messenger architecture, the marketing world went crazy. Prior to this point, if somebody tries to reach you through your Facebook page, you basically have to either be physically available or run the risk that your brand will suffer.


When FB decided to open up its system and allow for Messenger automation, this opened a whole new chapter in the brave new world of AI-assisted customer support and marketing. This move made chatbot automation. It is definitely one trend whose time has come.


What is a chat bot?

With the new and improved Facebook messenger, brands can set up chatroids. These are sophisticated pieces of software that allow you to respond to your customers on a 24/7 basis. When they reach out to you, you can send them back an automated response along with certain trigger words.


Customers no longer have to wait. They can get the answers to their questions about your business just like they get their pizza- as soon as possible. No wonder people are excited about FB messenger chat automation!


Learn how you can turn your Messenger chatbot interactions into a sales opportunity

Our course will show you how Facebook messenger and Facebook bots can help your business and grow your audience. 

What I will learn?

  • What is Facebook Messenger Bot
  • How to grow your business with FB Messenger Bot
  • How to grow your audience with FB Messenger Bot
  • FB Messenger Bot Tips
  • The Classic Sales Funnel
  • How to drive more people to your FB Messenger Bot
  • and much more!

Course Curriculum

Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing Guide

  • Introduction
  • What Is Facebook Messenger And How Can It Help Your Business?
  • A More In-Depth Look At Facebook Messenger Bots
  • How Can Facebook Messenger Bots Grow Your Audience
  • The Do’s And Don’ts Of Marketing Through A Facebook Messenger Chat Bot
  • How To Qualify Facebook Messenger Traffic
  • The Classic Sales Funnel
  • How to Create Your Own Facebook Messenger Bot
  • How To Drive More People To Your Facebook Messenger Chat Bot
  • The 10 Main Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing
  • Conclusion

Course info:


  • Basic computer & Internet skills
  • Facebook skills

Target Audience

  • Business owners, solopreneurs & freelances