Guide to Video Marketing Success

About This Course

How big of an impact can video have on your sales? The answer to this, of course, is a lot. 


If you need proof of this, have a look at the most recent trends in sales pages on the Internet. Do you see a pattern? Video sales pages are becoming increasingly popular.


When it comes to internet sales, a video is no longer an option. It has become an absolute must.


But what is so special about videos?

When you use video to sell whatever services or products you are promoting, you get a direct connection with your viewer, your materials’ persuasive ability goes to a whole other level entirely.


A typical sales video puts together a wide range of different components that go a long way in persuading viewers to take action. When you play certain types of music, a wide range of emotions is triggered. When you show certain images, you put the viewer into a certain frame of mind. When you present a video spokesperson that looks directly at the customer, a certain rapport is created.


That’s right. You can skyrocket the effects and the results you get with your marketing by simply adding voice to your brand. And one of the best ways to do this is video marketing.


Learn secrets to Video Marketing Success 

If you are serious about giving your brand a voice, do not overlook video marketing. Enrol on our “Guide to Video Marketing Success” course to get the inside scoop on how to do video marketing the right way the first time around.


What I will learn?

  • How to Boost Your Videos' SEO
  • The KLT Sales Method
  • Key Video Types
  • Whiteboard Videos For Marketing
  • Elemental Video Optimisation
  • And much more!

Course Curriculum

Guide to Video Marketing Success

  • Why Should You Reverse Engineer Your Competitors’ Videos
  • One Key Trick That Boosts Your Videos’ SEO
  • Too Many Marketers Fail to Do This and They End Up Failing
  • How to Use the KLT Sales Method Using Videos
  • How to Use the Cheapest Marketing Video Type Most Profitably
  • 3 Key Marketing Video Types You Need to Know About
  • 3 Key Considerations to Think About When Using Whiteboard Videos For Marketing
  • 3 Key Fiverr Services that Will Turbocharge Your Video Marketing Business
  • Do You Have to Have the Best Looking Videos to Make Money in Your Niche
  • Why is Elemental Video Optimisation So Important to Your Profitability
guide to video marketing success

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  • Computer & Internet Skills

Target Audience

  • Digital Marketers
  • Business owners
  • Freelancers