A Guide to WordPress Website Speed Optimisation


When the number of visits to your website is too low or it ranks low on search results, that’s a sign that it is time to take action. You must have a fast website if you want to drive traffic and grow your business. The tips we share with you in our Comprehensive Guide to WordPress Website Speed Optimisation will help you to speed up your website and increase the chances of success for your business.

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Learn the secrets of website speed optimization and increase conversions


In our course we share tips for building fast loading websites, choosing the right hosting company for your needs, reducing and optimizing file sizes, speeding up WordPress websites with plugins and much more!


What Will I Learn?


  • Reasons why your website is slow & how to fix it
  • Benefits of using AMP
  • Free tools for speeding up your website
  • Speeding up the WordPress website
  • Image optimisation
  • and much more!


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