AdSense 100K Blueprint

AdSense $100k Blueprint


Internet advertising requires precision when spending financial resources to boost inbound traffic for sales. Not all users of the internet may be your immediate customers. Some may need your products later while some may wish to buy now. Sifting through the vast audience to select which customers to target based on your financial goals is a skill which this book will ground you on. AdSense is a Google initiative by the world biggest search engine which sellers can use to refine advertising efforts based on the user base on Google. While there are many quick start tricks which can be used to produce gains from clicks and so on, this book focused on the process of building a business from ground up.


In a 10 step process, it takes you from selecting your niche and business models, to choosing your internet domain names and other website optimisation tools. It also clarifies the advantages and disadvantages in drawing comparisons between free advertising resources versus paid versions. These are some of the keys which matter to the traffic in-flow which determines the success of your business in the internet space.


What will I learn?


  • Getting started with AdSense and why AdSense
  • Choosing your niche and business model
  • Keyword research and resources
  • Google Page rank, traffic rate and content quality
  • Backlinks automation and Tracking Analytics
  • Selling your site


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