Basics of Computer Communications

Backbone of Computer Communications


Networking begins between two computers communicating with each other. There are many technical intricacies to the processes behind these connections to where a whole field of study is dedicated. While the software part of the computer is responsible for the human readable part of computer networking, the hardware is what all these activities sit on. Even with remote connections.


This booklet will show you how computer networks are setup, how the cable connected computers communicate with each other. It then dives into the security aspect of shielding these connections from intrusions and cyber crimes. It also covers some of the troubleshooting and maintenance tools which are used to monitor the performance and health of the network.


What will I learn?


  • Basics of Computer Networking
  • Computer Networking Design & Solutions
  • Getting the Right Computer Network Hardware
  • Setting Up Your Computer Network
  • Wireless vs Wired
  • Cable Management For Wired Computer Network
  • Managing Your Network With Network Monitoring Tools
  • Computer Network Maintenance and Repair
  • Troubleshooting Computer Network

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