Social media addiction

A Guide On How To Disconnect to Reconnect


Social media addiction is a modern challenge which needs solutions tailored for todays dilemmas. This book takes a deep dive into how the internet based media outlets have had a whole generation glued to the phone screens. The interweaving of private and professional interactions on social media makes it even more challenging to exercise any effective detachment routines. How this consumes time, resources and hurts real world relationships is covered in this book.


This book gives you interactive’s on how to unplug from that addiction and reclaim your time from social media platforms. It outlines the benefits of taking time off the media on a strict routine with a gradual transition using proven methods.


What will I learn?


  • Digital detox & social media addiction in numbers
  • Negative impacts of social media addiction
  • How Social Media Addiction Affects Your Psychological Health
  • What Research Says About Social Media Addiction
  • Signs you Need Digital Detox & Benefits of Disconnecting to Reconnect
  • Reconnecting to your true self by Eliminating Media Pressure
  • Vital Tips to Hack Your Digital Devices use Addiction

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