6-Figure Income In Niche Marketing

How To Make 6-Figure Income In Niche Marketing


When you have a unique product, it can be hard to identify its ideal approach to a feasible product market fit. It is particularly hard to to on the internet where you would have the uphill task to isolate your specific audience by demography and their preferences. The internet is a vast marketplace and it takes a lot of time to find your tribe. Not to mention the existent competition which is difficult to carve a market share.


In this book, the author makes the process of finding a place for your product very easy in a series of steps and and real life experiences. This book is not a formalised intellectual academic mould. It is as realistic and based as it gets and is compiled into brief format.


What will I learn?


  • How to get started in niche marketing
  • Failures encountered during early years
  • The value of a clear purpose for online marketing
  • Niche marketing yesterday compared to today
  • How to make $100k from niche marketing

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