How to win your war against bad breath

How to win your war against bad breath


This book explains what causes bad breath. From dietary standpoint, you will get to understand what kind of bad breath you have. Is it chronic or is it ordinary bad breath? It also addresses some of the commonly reported bad habits which may be contributing to your struggle which ranges from acidic food consumption as well as other chemical substances which may hurt your gums and teeth.


Fortunately, this book covers the most effective strategies to overcome the struggle with bad breath and shows you how to maintain your oral health. Rest assured that after you’ve read this book, you will never struggle with bad breath again.


What will I learn?


  • What is bad breath and how can you identify it?
  • What causes bad breath and what kind do you have?
  • Foods and chemicals which cause bad breath
  • Finding the best remedies and solutions to cure bad breath
  • 5 remedies and 7 tips for curing bad breath
  • Laser zapping bad breath & best lifestyle diets
  • How to get rid of bad breath for good

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