Hyper Influencer Marketing

Hyper Influencer Marketing


How to Become a successful social media influencer.


The explosion of the digital economy has created alternative marketing methods with more affordability and further reach compared to traditional billboards and television platforms. Gone are the days where a city drive would mesmerise tourists with its billboards. Nowadays, consumers are glued to their phone screens by he masses. This presents a marketing challenge which required savvy targeted branding efforts. Companies which sell products now get to select their specific audience for their products based on where their customers converge. This is where brand influencers step in.


Their digital footprint represents a following of a specific product or service interest within the digital world and companies often select brand influencers as gate keepers to high sales for marketing to their target audience. this book gives a deep dive into how influencers could best position themselves in the social media space to attract the best brands to buy advertising space on their large audience platforms.


What will I learn?


  • What is Influencer marketing?
  • How to choose your niche and leading social network
  • How to setup your Instagram account and how the algorithm works
  • Metrics and tips to maintain growth on Instagram
  • Establishing your YouTube channel for Monetisation
  • Best character and data analytics for YouTube
  • Trend on TikTok Pro Account
  • Best Video effects and strategies for TikTok
  • Using TikTok follower hacks and analytics

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