Massive Motivation


Discover Your Own TRUE Motivation Step-by-Step, Learn How To Manipulate It, Then Finally You’ll Be Able To Control Your Own Destiny! This Guide Will Take You Through The Process Of Finding Your Motivation And Then Keeping It!


What exactly is motivation? It is a rather slippery term that seems to have a different definition depending upon who you ask, but if you look at psychology, it is pared down to the simple definition of: the force that drives us to act; that means any type of action, including getting a glass of water or eating food.


If we had no motivation whatsoever, we would simply die of thirst or malnutrition because we had no driving force to get food and water. Of course, in those cases, the body has certain defenses against starving or dying of dehydration, but the point is that motivation drives everything.


Psychology describes it as the biological, social, cognitive or emotional force that makes us do something. Commonly, people talk about motivation as a compeller to make changes, and that’s basically the definition that we’re going to use in this book.

The force that drives us to make changes and do big things is motivation and if you can control your motivation, you can control your destiny.


Below are some of the information that you are about to learn:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Motivation: How Controlling Your Motivation can improve Your Life
  • Chapter 2: What Causes Low Levels of Motivation?
  • Chapter 3: How to Find a Source of Motivation That Is Effective for You
  • Chapter 4: Tactics to Increase Your Motivation
  • Chapter 5: How to Channel Your Motivation
  • Chapter 6: Sustaining your Motivation for Long Periods of Time
  • Chapter 7: Conclusion & Recap

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