Mastering Google Meets

Mastering Google Meets


Virtual meet-ups are a great way to connect with friends and family regardless of distance or how busy life can be. With the current climate, being able to contact the family through video conference services has become even more important. But here’s the problem: Video-conferencing can seem rather intimidating at first, especially if you haven’t used it often, if at all.


There are so many features, options and settings that it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed. But the truth is, it’s nowhere near as difficult as it may look. In fact, you’ll be able to master services like Google Meet with no prior knowledge just by reviewing the information contained in this eBook!


What will I learn?


  • Getting started with Google Meets
  • How to start a meeting
  • Joining a Meeting
  • Adding people to a Meeting
  • Changing the Layout
  • Useful Controls and much more!

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