Relentless Drive

Relentless Drive


When motivation wanes, you need a strong reason to follow through with your plan and target outcome. This book is your guide to finding that deep reason which outweighs your current plight. It will help you anchor yourself to the drive to soldier on in the midst of difficulties. In a brief format, you will get to see what kind of grit it takes to achieve your goals, how to remain sharply focused on the results and other tips on how to master your craft.


This book will show you how to balance your appetite for risk with what makes you happy. You will learn how to retain your momentum in practical steps. Mental fitness is thet focus of this book and your resilience will be transformed hereafter.


What will I learn?


  • The three components of relentless drive
  • Grit and Resilience defined with real life examples
  • Cultivating grit in the work place and practically
  • Balancing risk and Grit with solving problems
  • Tips to restore personal mental health in the face of adversity

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