the expert guide to pursuing wealth ebook

The Expert Guide to Pursuing Wealth


People are motivated by two inevitable impulses of repulsion – from sorrow and craving to seeking joy and absolute fulfilment. In the quest to embrace all happiness, we are compelled to run after the enjoyable and agreeable, while confronting the opposites, we avoid undesirable objects and disagreeable environments.


The fact is this: throughout history, all achievers conscious or subconsciously have used five principles, which are common to absolute progress in all aspects of life.


In this book, we will share with you the five principles of unlocking wealth along with:


  • The Ladder to Success, the Basic Steps and How to Achieve Your Goal
  • The Power of Thoughts, the Inevitable Mistakes and What You Must Avoid
  • The Law of Success & Understanding Failure
  • Paving Your Path to Success, the Law of Prosperity and Power of Words
  • and more!

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