The Relationship Rescue Plan

The Relationship Rescue Plan


The Ultimate Guide To Manifesting Effectively


Love relationships are critical to society and they aren’t always easy to maintain. It is very important to know how to maintain your love life effectively. How do you handle conflict when you reach a disagreement with your spouse? Do you come with the best intentions or is your effort too weak to preserve the relationship?


If you’re at a cross road and feel confused about your relationship, this book is for you. Your problem may have an easy solution. After all, Love is a complex topic and change is always a possibility if it’s approached in a clinically precise way. Take the time to read and reflect on your part of the situation and revive that spark that you need to be successful in your relationship.


What will I learn?


  • The importance of a healthy relationship
  • The role of spiritual and mental health
  • Do you have an honest understanding of the problem?
  • How to communicate effectively in a relationship
  • Remember Why You Fell In Love
  • Accepting what you cannot change and being considerate


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