Video Marketing Domination

Video Marketing Domination


Motion picture has taken the centre stage of marketing tactics used by different brands. It has proven to be a powerful tool to tell a compelling story about different services and products. In a very concise format, this manuscript teaches you how to produce high quality video content to enhance the impact of your marketing catalogue. It covers the preparation, processing and post production stages of your video marketing campaign. From creative direction, equipment, branding and all the way to the top secrets of the production environment, you will be well informed on the estimated costs and benefits of marketing using video content.


What will I learn?


  • Introduction to video marketing & different platforms
  • Video marketing software and equipment
  • Video Subtitling/ captioning
  • Growing your brand awareness and driving traffic to the video
  • 5 secretes to successful video marketing
  • The future of marketing and why it will be important for your business


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